Free Music WP

Our BIG IDEA & mission

We want digital content creators and owners to accept another way of doing business – to make musical digital content available free of charge to everyone, while providing the consumer with the possibility to pay for downloading based on his/ her estimate of the content’s value.


Musicians get

  • A platform for becoming more popular.
    Free music is a powerful driver with no barriers between the musician and listener
  • Donation revenues from fans can be higher than revenues from copyrights, which are about 9%* of total music industry income, and can be combined with selling music on-line to make it more widespread for promotional purposes.

Fans get

  • High quality music that is
If you are:
The original owner or creator of music and supportive of our Mission that digital content should be available free of charge and for voluntary payment, please contact us at

Note: We are currently developing a free music catalog. If you want to be notified when music is available to download, please send us a request at


* according to research by Peter DiCola of Northwestern University School of Law (2013)