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There is no One Diet for All
Obesity is widespread and, for countless people, is not only associated with restrictions on the quality of life but also with serious health consequences. The importance of permanent weight reduction is, therefore, beyond question.

At the same time, many people who want to lose weight know from their own experience that the success in losing weight with the help of a conventional diet often fails to materialize. This is mainly because genetics have a considerable influence on nutritional requirements and thus also on the correct design of a weight loss plan.

A Genetic Analysis Enables Permanent Fat Loss
Differences in genetic predisposition mean that general tips such as reducing calorie intake or increasing the sports workload do not lead to success in most cases.

Instead, an individual approach based on the results of an analysis of the genes relevant for weight is useful. This is because, with this approach, it is possible to determine very precisely in advance what the diet plan and the accompanying sports program should entail.

How the Weight Sensor Light Works
After receiving the sample for the Weight Sensor light, we analyze six different genes that are important in terms of body weight and the breakdown of body fat.

In this way, we can find out, among other things, whether the test person should eat a low-fat or low-carbohydrate diet to lose weight, and which type of training is best suited to support the diet.

We summarize the results of our analysis in a clear report. The written report contains an easily understandable summary of the results of the gene analysis so that the right conclusions can be drawn for practical implementation.

In this way, our Weight Sensor light can help those willing to lose weight to reduce their body weight effectively and permanently with the right diet and training.

Owner: Anton Shcherbyna